Fujimi Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – DX Version 1⁄24

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Model Kits, REVIEWS

- Everything you need is in the box, even a PE key!
- Full engine
- Doors can be posed open
- Die-cut window masks

- Wheels are a little on the small side
- Seat bottoms and cabin floor molded as one piece
- Overall stance is a little high but easily modified
- No photo-etch windshield wipers provided

The F12 Berlinetta is Ferrari’s replacement for the 599 and maintains the same recipe of a naturally aspirated V12 at the front and sending power solely to the rear. This beast of an engine produces 720bhp and 509lb ft @ 6000 rpm. The vehicle has a shorter wheelbase and is lighter than its predecessor. Though exterior concepts were commissioned to both Pininfarina and Ferrari’s own inhouse design studio, it was ultimately the latter’s concept that was chosen for production. The exterior is beautifully sculpted with scalloped front fenders that help channel air to keep the car grounded at high speeds.

Here we have Fujimi’s recently released kit of Ferrari’s F12 Berlinetta. The kit is comprised of 109 parts spread over 5 black sprues, 1 white, 1 clear, 1 chrome and another for the wheels, which are matt plated. Though the soft rubber tires have no company markings on the sidewall, they carry a scale thread pattern and have no mold line. The body is a multi-part affair with pose-able doors and is molded in white. Proportions look spot on and though some of the completed builds I have seen show the body to rest a little high, this can be easily modified with a little bit of surgery. Metal transfers are included which carry emblems, side & rear view mirror faces and door sill embellishment. This is not a curbside kit and as such includes a nicely detailed rendition of the 6262cc V12 power plant. As this is the DX version, the kit also includes a comprehensive photo-etch fret containing vented brake disks assemblies, front grill, ‘flappy’ paddles, seat belt buckles, foot pedals and straps for the rear luggage shelf. A real bonus is the pre-painted photo-etch fret which has very nice renditions of the dials, heater controls, prancing horse shields, caps for the wheels, as well as a multi-piece key and a red Ferrari key chain. An elastic type material is even provided for the seat belt straps, nice!

Hard to fault this kit but there are a few niggles. As I prefer to build up the body and then apply paint, the parts breakdown for the front bumper/main body don’t really make this possible. The body carries the detail for the radiator and as there is an additional piece in black that fits inside the bumper it would be very difficult to assemble the front/back and paint it after. I’m not a fan of the engraved detail representing the headlight washers either as I feel it’s overstated for this scale, but that’s just me and it can easily be filled. Lastly, with two sheets of photo-etch provided, the one thing that’s been left out and something that I feel really adds to the finished model are the windshield wipers. A pair are provided in plastic but they don’t compare to the refinement that comes with photo-etched examples.

Fujimi has to be applauded here for really including everything you need to build a highly detailed F12 Berlinetta straight from the box. With that being said and casting aside the few niggles, I think the only addition I would make would be to replace the wheels with ones that better fill those lovely wheel arches. Regardless, I am definitely looking forward to building this gem of a kit!