The author has been gluing plastic since grade school. The bug bit him when his older sibling brought home a kit one summer afternoon. Surely enough he managed to nag his father into taking him to the local hobby shop where he had the prvilage of bringing home a Starfighter kit in 1:48. It could have the glue or the paint but he was addicted at once! Nervermind his reputation of being a ‘breaker’ of things, he was now replaced with the ‘builder’ of things.led to cars, that led to spaceships that led to boats that led to military. Using a summers worth of lawn mowing money, he was able to purchase a compressor anddouble action airbrush. Things would never be the same. A stockpile of kits began to accumulate around the builder and remain with him to this day, even after several moves.

More recently a conscious effort was made to complete the backlog of ‘in progress’ builds. Armed with a new compressor, spray booth and techniques learned through many publications, he cleared the workbench! Though its an ongoing challenge between old kits and new releases, he continues to put glue to plastic and paint to primer. Now only if he can keep from glueing his fingers together.