Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

Always been a fan of Alfas and this was the the very first kit I bough in Korea. And it was at a Tamiya flagship store. it was a bit of heaven, super clean interior reminiscent of an Apple store. The Alfa caught my, and heart because only a year earlier I had seen one on sale and was really keen on purchasing it but my brain superseded my heart and the money was put towards finishing my last year of Uni. So, the Alfa and a rattle can of TS-XX Italian Red came home with me and in a Tamiya paper bag no less.

I loved the clean lines of the body and decided to modify the lip just in front of the bonnet so that it would be one flush surface with the bonnet and front wings. This took an extraordinary amount of time as it was my first attempt at making a modification of this kind. There was some progress on the chassis and interior but it was relegated to the shelf and only saw light a couple of months ago when I decided to include it as a member of THE12.

Detail is a bit light as it is a vintage kit but all the bits are there. I've added numerous sized bolt heads to the front and rear suspension assemblies, which also received new springs & dampers made out of steel wire and brass tubing.

The interior recieved some attention as well. The back seats were filled in with epoxy resin and sanded. For the leather surfaces, I laid down a coat of Tamiya X-18 Semigloss Black and over this I airbrushed a highly thinned coat of Tamiya X-00 Nato Black. The effect is subtle but effective.

Check out the build photos!