Citroën Traction 11CV Staff Car

Bought this one as soon as it came out in September of 2009. Paid a premium for it as it was a kit by the big T. Detail is fantastic and the fit is impeccable. The windows are scale thickness and care must be taken not to break them as I did when removing painting masks. Kit does not come with an engine but the biggest complaint is the sizable gap that needs to be filled between the chassis and the underside of the rear fenders. I used plastic card for this, first making a template and then gluing in place. Also, the seat backs are hollow and I used plastic card to cap these. I shaved off the molded in gear lever and made my own out of wire and fashioned a nob by letting a drop of CA glue on the wire. The wheels received air valves, again from wire.

This build hit a snag when I lost the templates but Terry Ashley, who runs the Perth Military Modelling site from down under was kind enough to mail me an extra set he had. Then, as mentioned earlier, I managed to crack a few windows while removing tape masks and to add insult to injury I somehow got solvant on the drivers door which then needed a new coat of paint.

Safe to say that I haven't touched this for over two years but decided to have a go at it again. This time around I cut and glued the paper masks to the windows and applied Tamiya Nato Black followed by a coated of lightened German Grey, while at the same time touching up the driver's door. I've treated the body to a coat of filter and just need to decide how much wear she is to receive.