F-16CJ (Block 50) Fighting Falcon

This production began as a group build between me and two colleagues, believing that feeding off each others support would lead to three completed F-16's. Now I use the term production literally because that's what it became! From a simple stock build of a brand new Tamiya kit, very quickly ballooned into ordering every conceivable photo-etch addition available. This in turn led to the build deadline being extended. Then projects at the office began piling up and the build was put on hold...indefinitely. One colleague stating that his crashed in Afghanistan during a rescue operation.

I have opened the box a few times over the last three years but have yet to touch it - maybe when the cold weather starts to set.

I have a Eduard's comprehensive photo-etch set #49383, specifically designed for Tamiya's F-16CJ Block 50, and consists of 2 frets. I'm still deciding whether to invest in Eduard's Brassin set for the engine - we'll see.

Check out the build pics to see the progress.