What a car - when I saw the Hasegawa kit on the shelf there was no rational thoughts regarding budget, will it get done or even if I had the room - this kit was coming home with me! Soon after putting a small dent in my wallet, I stumbled on Alex Kustov's build on mr.Internet, which put the Miura at the top of my build list.

Progress was quick (as per any new kit), using Kustov's informative site as reference. The body was coming along nicely until I tried to rush a wet coat, a rookie mistake for sure and don't know what I was thinking at the time but sure enough, the paint ran. And that Italian Red looked amazing too. The body had to be stripped in a bath of brake fluid, re-puttied and primed. I've nursed that curvacious body back to a coat of white primer but she still needs some TLC. Maybe a good candidate for the12?

Check out the progress, regress and progress shots.