Russian Tank BT-7 Model 1935

After reading Marcus Nicholls build of the Tamiya's brand new Soviet BT-7 kit, I pretty much rushed to my local hobby shop to get my hands on one! And true to mr.Nicholls words, kit number 35309 fell together fairly quickly. Fit was near flawless, with only a touch of putty needed. By getting to step 5 of the instructions I was already thinking that I wanted to make another! The kit has some neat features such as form for shaping the photo-etch engine grill. The instructions are printed using a brownish ink, why? So that Tamiya would not need to print the map that the driver and commander, whom are seen looking at on the box cover art, on an additional sheet.

My BT-7 did get some extra attention in the form of bead welds on the turret, a working hinge was added to the driver's hatch. In no time, she was ready for paint. The first step of this was a base coat of Alclad primer. The base color coat was _______ which was then followed up by treating all horizontal surfaces with lightened tones of the base color, mainly by adding yellow/earth to simulate the bleeching effects of the sun. Applying the same method used on Tamiya's Komatsu G40 bulldozer's shovel, I applied a coat of the TS- on the tracks straight from the can. This does look a little 'toy-like' but follow this up with a slurry of Track Rust pigment from the MIG Production range and things start to get interesting. Once the pigment has dried, an only brush was used to brush the pigment off, keeping in mind the directionality of travel of mr.Track. A super quick way to achieve a realistic track finish. I followed this up with an overall wash, some filter washed and lastly a pin wash.

She's been on the back burner for the past 18 months - yet so close to completion. She would make a good candidate for the12.

Take a look at the photos on the build progress of this little beauty.