Komatsu G40

The purchase of this kit was probably one of the first things I did upon returning from vacation. Me and my partner had just completed a two week camping/road trip along the west coast and when not driving I was nose deep reading Tamiya Model Military International, issue 051 where Brett Green builds this new kit. The weathering was what caught my attention for two reasons: the hairspray technique was something I had wanted to try for some time along with putting to use some recently attained MIG Production pigments.

The only modification I made was replacing the oversized hydraulic hoses with ones made from metal wire. I added a dirty handkerchief to lend the presence of a driver. But otherwise the kit is stock and it fell together in an evening.

Despite the 1:48 scale, the model looks a lot bigger than it really is. This was also the first kit I had completed since coming back from Korea more than three years ago.