VW Golf Mk.IV

I bought this around the time I got the New Beetle. I was in love with this car wanted the GTI version very badly. But I was about to start Uni, so there was no way I could afford it so a miniature of it would do. Gunmetal was the color of choice and Model Master Dark Anodonic Gray was used. After a short flash off period the surface was buffed and sealed with Model Master Sealer for Metalizer paint. No clear coat was applied as I preferred the natural metal sheen. The mag wheels are a favorite of mine as they are named Montreals, the city I grew up in. Some really nice features of the kit were the die-cut window masks and photoetch metal transfers for the badges and names.

Later on I ended with a 4 door Mk.IV and quickly went through a set of tires. Though I no longer have the keys to that car, the kit remains on my shelf.

The VW Golf Mk.IV