Y-Wing – OTB

Here are the in-progress pics of my FM Y-Wing. It's a fantastic kit and something a lot of collectors/builders have been waiting a long time for. I began this kit about three years ago and then shelved it. I wanted to up detail certain areas of it but didn't know to what point. After I finally finished unpacking, I felt the Y-Wing deserved to be the first kit I should work on in the new place. I've finished scratch building the vector vanes as they were a little simplified in the kit and though they took longer to construct than expected, I'm really happy with the effort!

I spent an evening detailing the cockpit with hoses and cables using fine copper wire - definitely looks a lot more busy! The front module also received some attention in the form of panels, lots and lots of panels, made from styrene sheet.

I wanted the Y-Wing to look like it had logged a lot of combat hours and this was achieved by using the hairspray technique. It turned out really great, the paint was chipped away heavily on more exposed areas while fading the color on flatter surfaces.

I wasn't making any particular Y-Wing, so why settle for the astromech droid that came with the kit? I took the R5-D4 head from my FM X-Wing kit, some plastic tube and surgically removed the legs from the droid provided and then up-detailed it with MIG Productions PE washers, leftover photo-etch and wire. I then decaled up the little fella and sealed it with a semi-gloss coat in preparation for the weathering stage.

The last in-progress pic is of the weathering station that I temporally setup in the kitchen. I first sealed all the sub-assemblies with a satin clear coat I mixed from Tamiya acrylics. I was a little concerned with what wash I should use as I felt a black/sienna wash would look too strong on such a light colored paint scheme. I opted to go with a mix of Panzer Grey (P035) darkened with Russian Earth (P034) pigments by MIG Productions, which gave it the subtle grungy look that I was looking for. I then highlighted some areas with a darker shade and let it all dry.

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